About Me.

I'm a 26 year old, recent Winston-Salem State University Computer Science graduate. I enjoy traveling, sarcasm, honesty, Cook Out milkshakes, different cultures and languages. I'm an aspiring entrepreneur in diverse fields with e-commerce and mobile applications being my main interest.

My strengths include being very analytical, attention to detail, competitiveness, willingness to learn, teamwork, honesty and integrity.

My weaknesses include random perfectionist tendencies which can make me indecisive and lead to slower work. I ask for opinions and advice when this happens to counter and help me stay on track.

My Skills.

A brief list of skills I possess. A full list is found on my resume on LinkedIn.


All websites will be written with a current HTML5 design.


I like to have a clean and functional CSS3 design.

Clean Code

Code will include comments to allow for easy understanding and collaboration.


I have some Python experience but would really like to be able to explore it more in the future.


I was an intern at Nationwide in Columbus, Ohio where I utilized SQL for troubleshooting issues an entire sumer.


The greater part of my college carrer involved java based programming and it's what I'm currently most comfortable with.

My Portfolio.

Make sure to check my GitHub for updates as I begin to upload my work online.

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Contact Me.

A call or e-mail are both great ways to reach me. You can e-mail me by clicking my e-mail below the orange envelope or filling out the form and submitting it!

Mon - Fri 09:00 – 18:00

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